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Got nothing to say. XD




So, next strip we’ll see Driver and Wiglaf wander off while everyone else continues to be distracted.


Is it just me or does Wiglaf look unusually adorable today?

So much so that after a couple years of keeping up with this, I’ve finally felt the need to comment. :P The shift in expressions in the first four panels is especially fantastic.


Looks like Wiglaf and Driver are actually going to have to work together to rescue Mordred. Sweet Celestia, Hilarity is *SO* gonna Ensue!!!


I still wanna know where Bliss is. She can’t be happy with her master being gone. Though it’s not like anyone else except the other artifacts can see her.


As Mordred is the only one who can hear her, and I doubt the other artefacts would translate, she could be hiding near him. But she probably won’t be much help against her creators.


Wiglaf’s expressions and sarcasm in the first three panels looks very much like Mordred’s usual behaviour… He has really influenced him quite a lot, hadn’t he? :D


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