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Not Bad For Her Sixties

She’s been waiting so long to show off that outfit.

Oh, Sedrick, you darling, you. Also, I found some super old sketches along with the original line drawing for like WaM #5 of Sedrick betraying Arthur. So seriously, he’s been waiting for this for like 6 years. XD Let him have his moment.

To those of you cringing…after Wednesday’s WaM we should be back with Wigs & Mordred and a certain someone that I’m sure you’ve all been missing. *wink*

Song Listening Recommendation:

“In Christ Alone” – Keith Getty


Okay, so we know Sedrick is pretty good at combat. However, Mrs. Garrett is ~Legendary~. I realize Sedrick winning is probably a foregone conclusion, but at least have him cheat. If he wins fairly he’ll go from canny monster to some kind of stupidly perfect villain. I got into this comic specifically because it took the classic (and annoying) hero with no flaws and turned the perfection itself into a flaw. However, Sedrick lacks that amusing balance. I really do hope he wins via cheating or outside interference (or loses, but I’m not holding my breath.)

Also: Hurray, Mordred is coming back. (And Lancelot, maybe?)


I gotta agree with Z2… Sedrick’s getting annoying. That face in the last panel, nnngh…
I wanna see him have trouble for once. He can’t be too perfect, even if he is likely going to somehow get in charge of everything for some time.


You, my friend, are forgetting something important: Wiglaf and Mordred. Or, if my greatest dreams are realized, Wiglaf’s parents. Or Azreal and the Valkyries. Or Ben. Mr. Garret is out and about now, too, along with Security. What I’m trying to say is, there are a lot of people out of his reach just now.

If you can’t tell, I really like Sedrick, and so what if he’s winning? He’s been putting up with losing for so long, let him have his moment before it all inevitably comes crashing down around him.


Liliy did say to sick around because it is going to get good.


Naturally I’ll stick around, Liliy writes a good story… but Sedrick just annoys me, as he would a number of people for somehow being so good, though I do expect it to all come crashing down in the end of course. Just my thoughts on current events, that’s all.


Its funny how people see things differently, you see that face as annoying, while to me its something likely to give me nightmares for weeks… but then im a bit of a coward! I’m really loving this arc, especially since it finally made me comment after following the comic for years :D


Heh heh, it’s easy to see why she has been waiting to show off that outfit. Mrs. G has a great figure to show off. ^_^


I agree, he is getting rather tiresome.
If I was voting for the plain and simple solution tothe situation I predict that he will now pull out a gun ( the universal equalizer ) and shoot her.
BUT I am neither plain nor simple (hush you) and think he will be more “creative” in his take-down … Curare, Gengis Thorn, or any of the other unusuals …


WOAH. You know what? for an old woman (In her SIXTIES!!!) who has had FOUR kids, Madame Garrott looks GREAT! and she hids her girlish figure under old-lady-queeen dresses?? Dammit, I can only *hope* that I have half the figure she has when I’m her age!!
and TeeHeeloveanddevotion<3
I also LOVE the rainbow background and panel 4 is sooo awesome!! I don't think we've ever seen Seddy like that!! It's funny XD


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