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Not Enough Blood Either

Boss might have the upper hand for now. But Wiglaf has friends (and Boss’ friends aren’t exactly in a position to help him right now. Poor Maria and Jade. So useless without Boss. XD

Edit: Hey guys. I was having a low night, and I’m behind on my buffer for Patreon, so all that combined made me decide that I’m going to skip Friday’s strip to try and catch up. So the next strip will be up Sunday! Thank you for understanding & I’m sorry about the late notice.


If Mordred has to save Wiglaf(or help save him), he will never let him live it down.


If Mordred turns out to be more capable than Wiglaf in a fight, I don’t think anyone in his entire family would live it down.

And Camlann might suddenly be somewhat nervous of his….”owner’s” “boss”.


Speaking of Maria and Jade… they haven’t shown to Eclat and Grace. Is it because they weren’t actually given to the people currently holding them? Or maybe something to do with E. and G.’s own recently-artifact status?


So it’s been forever since I last commented, but I just finished another complete reread of the whole comic.
I’m loving this story arc. So much. You don’t give yourself enough credit with fight scenes, and I love the humour and banter that always happens.
Keep up the good work!


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