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Not Entirely Wrong

I didn’t want to skip and I thought it was funny. It may or may not be, but what I believe is what matters and Security can break the fourth wall all he wants. XD

Edit: My back hurts and I don’t want to get out of my comfy chair. That’s it. Moving from my spot in the craft/gaming room to my work computer to draw is like not on the agenda right now. I’m going to go back to zoning out and transferring embroidery thread to bobbins. My brain has been fried all day and I still don’t know what to draw for WaM. I’ll see you on Friday.


Security, it could always be worse. You could be a part of The Bystanders, and have your entire presence in the comic be filler.

Also, assuming that the Bystander’s haven’t said otherwise, I’m going to say that the male one is named Stan Bie, while the female is named Brie Stander. I will also forget about these suggested names practically immediately, unless it’s brought up in the comic itself or commented on elsewhere.

…Yes, I did come up with their last names first, with a “Mr By” (which I changed to “Bie” before I wrote it to make it more like a person’s name) and “Mrs Stander”, and then decided to give them the opposite part for their first names.

Stan Bie (Stand By) and Brie Stander (effectively Bystander in two words) isn’t even all that odd a name for this comic. What with Generic Thief and all that.


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