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Not Happy By Choice

Today’s title is brought to you by Ookami no Kishi (My little bro who’s annoyingly taller than me. Grrrr. Yes I’m still bitter even if you’ve been taller since we were both teenagers.)

I love Arthur’s gloves. I just do…though I can’t wait for him to get his normal outfit back. I know he’s girly…but his clubbing outfit seems to make it worse. Way worse. I’m trying to save what little masculinity you have Arthur; I am. T_T

And this is the first time we’ve seen Sedrick’s pants since he changed outfits. Random factoid.

I think. Could be wrong. Whooooo~

Song Listening Recommendation:

“Dancing For Rain” by Rise Against


I forsee Azrael getting a new partner in the near future. I also forsee Gawain regretting/loving working for Arthur. Then again, it could be just my wishful thinking speaking. XD

Sedrick and Arthur are so much fun together. :3 And I was wondering if we’d ever see Sedrick’s pants. We didn’t see much of them, though. I suppose it would be too much to hope for a shot of his shoes…? :P


Those colorful backgrounds are fun to look at. They have a lot of flair and action in their designs.

“Oh, you’re never happy.”
“Whose fault is that?”
Hehe nice dialogue. The clash of personalities between Arthur and Sedrick is well-done as always.


Oh briliant… I thought he was a good guy though? 0_0 Well, this is certianly full ah surprises, ne? :B


Even “goodguys” have bills to pay and most employers are too cheap and stupid to include dental in their benefits. The banality of (almost all) evil is one of those disgusting lessons of history that came out of the Nuremberg war-crimes trials.


I completely understand the whole, ‘little brother is taller than me’ thing. He went away for a summer and came back tall and with a deep voice. He greatly enjoys using my head as an arm rest and informing strangers that I’m his little big sister. And now my baby brother is an inch taller than me too. Blah.

Comic was great, I loved the backgrounds in this one particularly.


Do I hear you on that one, Lilli. Oy. Brothers…XD Btw how old ARE you? I assumed you were, like late teens, early 20′s, but I might be wrong. Could you tell meh? Please? (only if you want to, of course…I mean, I’m one of theose people who wont’ tell anyone anything over the internet. XD) And allow me to introduce myself, everyone. My name is JenovaSnows. I’m one of those long time reader- new commenter peoples. I love this comic and I’ll be on the forum soon, so I’ll see you all there in about a month. (That’s when I get a new account.XD)


Well, nothing makes me happier than long time readers becoming commenters – so I guess I can indulge. :)

I be 24. ^^

(& Yay for joining the forums! Everyone should follow suit. *nods stoically*)


As if I wasn’t convinced enough of Sedrick is secretly in love with Arthur. This storyline pretty much cemented it for me xD
Also, those clubbing outfits are hot and I need to fanart them now 83
Lol this comment is laaaate.


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