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Not Nice, Indeed

I think this is the cruelest thing Mordred’s done to date. Some of you may disagree, but I’ve had someone come behind me and cut my hair off during class back in high school (not quite to this extent, but it was a good chunk) and I was so upset. Especially since my hair is the same length as Wiglaf’s; it takes a long time to grow that.

But that doesn’t change the fact that I love how Wiglaf in the second to last panel turned out. Though, my bias towards Mordred is showing up again. Heh.

Oh, and let it be known that The Great Mouse Detective is my all time favorite Disney movie. So when I found “Let Me Be Good To You” in Swedish on Youtube I just had to share. Enjoy. :D

Edit: Youtube deleted the video. ^^;


Boy, Mordred is just begging for a left hook to the jaw with this. Can’t wait to see what Wiglaf does for sweet payback. I’m enjoying their hard glares in the first four panels.

Oh yeah–Hooray for The Great Mouse Detective! This is one of the most fun songs. ^_^


Mordred, I think you just proved yourself as clueless as you claimed you were acting before. You brought a box-cutter to a swordfight.

It’s OK, Wiglaf. You can donate your braids to Locks-of-Love.

Aw, sorry to hear someone cut your hair in high school, Liliy. You’d think people would have outgrown that sort of thing at the end of elementary school. Hopefully it was a close friend who did it so that the action wasn’t pointless cruelty. Luckily, your hair looks nice, long or short. *Hugs Liliy.*


No, I cant’ say that we got along. Though I don’t remember doing anything to her to deserve the action in the first place.

Ha ha. All I can say is Mordred knows exactly what he’s doing. :D


Oh… just… wow. I can’t believe Mordred just did that. Hair is sacred. You do not mess with someone’s hair. I have a feeling that it’s not going to magically regrow after this conflict, is it?


LOL. Mordred is so stupid. XD Sorry, you know how I feel about him. We’ll see what happens, though; I could definitely see Wiglaf throwing a punch or two over this.


This one action affects Wiglaf more then anything else done to him. Which is awesome on so. Many. Levels. I’ve reread this one strip again and again just because I love Wiglaf’s reaction at the end. He just can’t believe it. xD

Also, why did it take me forever to notice Wiglaf is dark skinned and fair haired while Mordred is the oppisite? I’m so used to blondes being pale.


I will admit, I was going for the beach boy tan w/blonde hair from the old movies when I was picking his skin color. But yeah, he is one of the tanner ones on the cast. :D


hahaha you can really tell how evil Mordred is with his “rather ‘not nice’” lol i love wiglafs face in the last two panels


I totally didn’t notice till now that the Wiglaf in the heading bar has short hair! :happy: haha, poor muffin!


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