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Not So Different

Éclat would kill me if he knew I was comparing his jealousy streak to Brynhildr. XD On principal.

I am at Katsucon at the time this post went up. Last day. Hurrah!!!! :D

Go listen to something by Danny Gokey or Taylor Swift. Can’t decide right now. XD


*jumps up and down* i’m with Grace on that suck it up and I wanna watch! ^(=>.<=)^ Grace seems a bit like a pervert now *evil giggles*


A little bit like a pervert? He’s told Azrael off for not having “hit it” with Brynhildr. Considering how rare it is for Grace to be distant from Azrael that’s pretty much a request for Azrael to make his pornography.


The last panel is my favorite in this whole story, haha!! I totally love it :D
Oh, Eclat. I love and adore you, hahahaha~~!!!


if only Brynhildr could hear what grace was getting at. XD


If she did through some strange manifestation magics she would most likely say…
“Get Bent”
and the proceed to facilitate Grace with that action.
Grace may be a vicious bloodthirsty stabby sword but this is a woman who accidentally tossed a refrigerator. Plus she has sisterly backup. Grace can only stab people one at a time after all.


maybe if you get all the people lined up properly Grace can do more than one at a time?

Or have I been watching too many Bmovies again? O_o


Yes, stabbing more than one person with a sword is irreducibly complex because of the twitch, spasm, flex, tumble and evasion vectors of even one of your intended targets. A person is much more massive than a sword so attempting to stab more than one person with a sword depends on rather precise control of both the first person stabbed and the next victim or else you’re lucky to get a glancing cut or poke.


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