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Not The Same From Him

Hey look! Driver being awesome.

I told you she’d get some moves. XD *thumbs up*

Will finish later. XD Wheeee!

I love broken records, don’t you?

Edit: No WaM Until Wednesday. Family is still visiting and I have a cold. XD Nothing is getting done this weekend work-wise. Thanks for being patient! XD

Edit 2: Yeah…that Wed. update didn’t happen. Thank you, thank you, thank you again for being patient during this busy week. I’ll do my best to get stuff up & back on schedule Friday.


Some errors in the text. First panel, you put “ot” instead of “to”. Second panel, you wrote “I can’t pass this chance pass me by!” I’m guessing that first “pass” is meant to be “let”. P:


Keep in mind that Driver is the daughter of a very dangerous, if retired, serial killer. There’s no telling what she learned from him.


At first I was like “Oh, hey, Driver being protective, that’s normal”.
Then it hit me- Driver being protective of *Wiglaf*???


Go Driver! Stand up to mean ol’ Malachi! >(

Wiglaf is going to be so confused and upset by the time Vilhelm gets back in control… He needs hugs. Lots of them.


Way to break the cutie. At least he has good friends around, since right now there’s no WAY he can know that isn’t actually his father speaking.


Haha the only people allowed to pick on Wiglaf is Mordred and Driver lol and they’ll be sure to keep it that way! ^-^


NO ONE talks to Wiglaf like that! It’s Driver’s job to tell him she hates him, not a mean old spirit! *huffs*
I sense therapy in the future for Wiglaf and Willheim.


I very nearly cried at poor Wiglaf’s face. Good on ya, Driver! You kick Malachi’s arse – Vilhelm will understand!


i actually thought Mordred was going to wind up being a wizard when i first started reading
probably a terrible one at that XD


This is great; first Mordred tells Malichi to leave Wiglaf alone, then Driver stands up for him and protects him. What’s next, Azie giving Wiglaf a hug and not stabbing him?


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