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Not Very Effective

Plant named by my Brother (Ookaminokishi).

Ah Lancelot. You poor ignored person with bad timing. At least you’re adorable in your freckles. Yes you are. *freckle love*

Oh~ And of course:


Song Listening Recommendation:

“Run Around” by Blues Traveler


“Hissy” xD Lancelot is kinda cute with all those freckles…in a weird ‘poison ivy complex’ kind of way. o-O His face reminds me more of moss and dirt though than freckles :3

I wonder if Hissy has pretty blossoms on him, or will at some point. xD I think Lancelot would have a fit if he did.


I think it’s a good thing his face reminds you of moss and dirt. He is associated with plants and gardening. :D


So- question. Is Lancelot green and brown with freckles because he’s always around plants, gardening ect…or id it some kind of nifty little mutation he cooked up in his lab/green house so he could be more like the plants he loves so much. =3

~hands Lancelot a wetnap~ You got a little spot…riiiight there xD


Hmm? No. He’s normal. XD He’s just pale with a whole lot of freckles. (He’s out in the sun all day).


On a side note- I stared my friend on this comic as well tonight. His reaction to the first 5-10 pages was priceless. I’ll censor his name cause- I know he might read it and punish me for it later ;)

first comic and I already don’t get it
first 5 comics she takes her shirt off twice, looks promising
. . . . . .
You obviously haven’t read Beowulf…
*giggles like a school girl* >3
Him: ……. O.O


I love Hissy, he’s so cute <3 Hey Lancelot, can I have one too? 8D I’ll bake you Driver-shaped cookies~

I never thought Wiglaf was a girl! owo/ But that might be because I draw crossdressing boys myself…XD


Haha! There’s that plant again! And now we know that Wiglaf tamed it and made it into a family pet. Neat. :D

I like how Wiglaf and Mordred finally have the chance to share grins at someone else’s expense. XD

Happy Birthday KGJ!


hey, new reader here (just read all your work in the past few hrs)
I just wanted to say, I LOVE the comic.
Dunno if you’ve read it, but it reminds me of a more lighthearted “Chronicles of Amber”.
But yes, just offering up my humble appreciation.


Hmm; nope haven’t heard of that one. Might have to check it out. ^^ Thanks for reading!


lol the pleasure’s mine!
and you most definitely should if you have a free month or two xD.
It’s by Roger Zelazny.
The way you both create such a fun drama between legendary figures is what reminded me of his work.
well, hope to see your next update soon :D


Lancelot’s not having much luck with evil either, now is he? He seems just like Mordred, in that sense… but personally, Mordred is much more attractive looking. :P


Hissy=my new favorite bit cast member. :D Excellent expression of flabbergasted rage on Lancelot, Liliy.

And thank you! It was very good, indeed. *Hugs.*


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