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Now He Overreacts

*yawn* Man it’s been a long day. XD I’ve been up and about since 8AM Sat. Add in setting up christmas stuff and having our work christmas party all night, I’m wiped.

Anyway, falling asleep while sketching gets you this far! I’ll get the rest later. *snore*

…and my Hetalia obsession is reborn. Germany & Italy? Yes.

Song Listening Recommendation:

“99 Red Balloons” by Goldfinger


Geoffry’s overreaction is great. It’s not something we see very much from him. Of course, it is odd that Horatio is so much more head-over-heels enthusiastic about his boss than his wife. XD

Yay, we finally know who Janus was calling. I give Janus lots of kudos for thinking up the perfect way to skewer Horatio. Poetic justice, and deliciously wicked. :cool:


Okay, so that answers a couple of questions. And raises a few more, such as how do those two know each other, and has Viola known all along that her husband has been obsessing over his missing boss while she knew exactly where he was?

And now it’s Geoffrey’s turn to be gobsmacked over the existance of a wife he knew nothing about. :D


I’ve got another question. Janus called her, what, five pages ago?! HOW DID SHE GET THERE SO FAST 0_0 ??? Unless Horatio was on the ground for longer than I thought… :(


It was 10 pages. :P They’ve been talking for a little bit and he was on the ground for a little bit I’d imagine. XD


I think I need a flow chart at this point. :raisebrow: I still think that no matter how convoluted this story gets, it will always end with our “heroes” giving up and going home. The status quo is unstable enough already I don’t think it could stand much more plot twisting before it breaks. :)


As interesting as Geoffry finally losing his cool is, I have a theory…

Lobby security guard would be a fairly good position to hold if you wanted to watch everyone going in and out of a specific location. In addition, Viola and Janus are talking much like Sedrick and Arthur do…

Coincidence? Possible, but we’ll just have to see!


over-reacting Geoffry is over-reacting :|

that and are Janus and Viola highschool friends or something? :curious:
just speculation


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