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Now He Runs

Color later; you know the drill. :| Color looks so much better. The hearts were particularly fun to add in. XD

Ha ha. Galen’s so silly. The skipping is an ode to Pepé le Piu. Who will remain one of my all time favorite animated characters.

EDIT: Added in Galen’s bloodstains. XD I had forgotten them.

Song Listening Recommendation:

“Snowmiser” from “A Year Without A Santa Claus”


Galen just gets better and better. I can only imagine the sorts of things she would do to Gawain. XD And yay Pepé le Piu references!

So… who is this Hagen?


I love Galen’s expression in the third panel. Hilarious! :D

Gawain would be wise to be on guard at all times from now on. There’s no telling what a lovely erratic looney like Galen will do next. And I wonder how Gawain will meet his real partner. (haha, Galen is such a liar pretending to be Gawain’s assigned partner!). :happy:


Uh oh. Something tells me Hagen will buy the farm sometime soon. If he had some sort of high-tech way of surviving Galen, Galen would be bothering him, instead of Gawain. And the only way Hagen will be able to regain Gawain is by prying him from Galen’s cold fingers. Which looks to be about impossible, so Hagen is most likely to die.

Unless—!! What’s Hagen’s rank? Does he have any special pull with any of the Garrott family, or with Azrael? Survive, Hagen, survive!


Lol, Galen did seem like the time to lie to get her way.

But then again, she’s working for the Garrotts, so what do you expect?


Oh yes, and finally all caught up. ^.^

And one last thing:
Liliy, if you wouldn’t mind, when I get my comic up and running (finally found a style I like for it) would you mind reading it, at least for a little while, and giving me some pointers and feedback?
These things from such a wonderful comic artist+writer like yourself would most definatly help my comic become, hopefully, almost as amazing as WAM


Hey, I’ve been reading this comic for a while and I really love it. :love:

Thought someone ought to point this out, though– Galen’s bloodstains seem to have disappeared.


He washed his shirt? XD


1) wait, galen is a guy? saw that one coming.

did he change himself, or looked like a girl to begin with? or did you made a mistake of saying that galen is a guy?

2) The Garrotts has made a special suit so every time they kill someone, the suit, with blood removing technology, will be able to take away the blood, making it look like dirty water/mud.


Oh; drat. XD I thought you mean ‘Gawain’ from earlier when he was stabbed. No, Galen’s just missing her bloodstains. That’s a continuity error on my part. Ha…should fix that later. Sorry for the confusion. XD Galen’s a girl.


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