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Now He’s Just Messing With Him

*Sniffle* I can’t see the Watchmen until Saturday. :*(  I’m too busy today… :meh:

Oh yeah, WAM.

Sorry; Watchmen on the brain. XD Rorschach & Nite Owl are love.

Song Listening Recommendation:

“I’m Your Villain” by Franz Ferdinand.


Aw; I may not be able to see it until Saturday either.

Poor Hnaef. XD Security will be the death of him. And that BG is great; you can almost feel Hnaef losing his mind. XD


I love Security. :lol2:

He’s just so wonderful. I simply must learn his secret so that I can use it on my brothers and sisters…!

Theories on Security’s Secret:

1. Holograms. In the places where he doesn’t actually interact with people physically, they’re holograms of Security.

2. Clones. He’s got a group of clones created simply so that they may all have perfectly tight security. I can’t yet explain with this theory how he manages to disappear, though…

3. He’s actually a magical creature, perhaps some sort of imp, which can teleport, become invisible, and cloak himself in illusion.

4. He’s a ghost.

5. He’s a wizard.

6. He’s got access to technology that nobody should have access to, namely a teleportation device, a portable cloaking device, and some sort of invention that sends out electrical pulses to people’s brains that make them overlook him on the first go. Obliviously, Hnæf pays too much attention to detail for the last device to work on him.

7. It’s simply one of the world’s many mysteries, one that shall never be uncovered by any living human being… Besides, of course, that mysterious man known only as Security.

Will the world ever know!? :shocked:


Bet you’re right with the 7th =P


Yeah, that one seems most likely. -sigh-


Or he’s part of one huge family! 8D

Right now I can’t think of anything else but him being part of one big collective… “We are the Security. Resistance is futile.”
…I’ve seen too much Star Trek today XD;


I like how you had Security whistling once again. It’s one of his best trademarks. :D

Nice drawing of Hnaef in panel 1 where he’s trying to calm himself. XD

Sedrick’s wearing a darker color shirt today. Does that mean he woke up grumpy or is he just trying out a new style?


Oh very funny! I love how you take features that are seemingly random and turn them into a deliberate joke :) Yes, the emotive background is good. I looked at it and thought “Crazy!” Then I looked at Hnaef.


Umm,I was just looking back, (hehe, pun) and I noticed. KGB knew about brat before her first apearance, and I made SURE that those posts were the day it was made. It’s probbably common knowladge, but how? * Waits to be told off* :argh:


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