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Now There Will Be A Fight

Egos must come standard with supreme magical power. It just seems like a thing that’s ridiculously true. :P


I can only assume that there will be punching. And Lake is going to understand exactly why Wiglaf is…. Well, Wiglaf.


Fight! Fight! Fight! Actually, I just want to see Wiglaf in hero mode for a little bit. No doubt, he lands a successful blow, and two seconds later is making sure he hasn’t actually hurt her. :D


She’s mean and uppity but I’m seeing her saying that at less than half his height. The fact that it’s Wiglaf combines with that to make her seem nonthreatening.


It just occurred to me that Wiglaf may infact be one of those magical gate things like Camlann. Would explain the Confucius out of his crazy abilities….. then again it bring s up the question of why Bliss wouldn’t effect him, or if she does and I never noticed that he never really exuded anything beside his phenomenal strength. Wiglaf is a mystery wrapped in chainmail.


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