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Nurture Wins

Wiglaf has an unreasonable amount of trust in his parents all considered.

Probably a good trait in the long run.

Also! Pair-a-Thon is almost over! The next batch of entries goes up tomorrow! Last day to submit is the 7th so get those bad boys in there! :D

Song Listening Recommendation:

“Start a Fire” by Ryan Star


I adore the 2nd and 6th panels they are absolutely adorable~! <3

I don't think I'm going to finish in time. I have another huge thing I need to get done for the 6th, and I don't think I'll physically have enough time to get my entry done. T_T


Bwarghle Wiglaf keep your hair that way forever it is way too cute.
More meaningful comments can come later assuming I stay out from under my rock >.>


“Lennart and I are rather formidable. (It’s the perfection.)”

Wait, so they both have the same preternatural perfection that Wiglaf does? Or is it only Lennart that does?

Oooh mysteries woooo.


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