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Obsessed Much?

I want Hnæf’s computer lab.

So yeah. Apparently Wiglaf’s new hair-cut is much loved. Kinda shocked, must be the new bangs, because no one seemed ot care last time I cut it.  This hair style might stick around for a while…

Song Listening Recommendation:

“Bless The Broken Road” by Rascal Flatts


Too much television can be dangerous. Except when they’re doubling as monitors. In which case, carry on!


Security, panel 4.

You’ve given him Gin’s swagger. Or at least, it’s highly visible here. Excellent.


This little obsession is turning out to be massively entertaining. I’ve just caught up on a few weeks worth of WAM and it’s still good. I’m loving this storyline so far. Keep up the good work!


I love how you compiled all these past clips of Security for Hnaef’s computer. It takes us back to all of Security’s memorable antics. XD

Security looks funny standing there next to Hnaef out of nowhere and talking over his shoulder. XD


I has a question… Mordred has relatives, Wiglaf has relatives, Driver has relatives, Security wouldn’t tell us if he had relatives, …but does Hnaef have relatives? :sly:

Also: LOL! Awesome page as ever, Liliy! :happy:


Security needs a cute nickname…we can’t call him ‘Security’ forever! He’s waayyyyy too cool for that! <3

….Did you actually planned for him to be a main character, or did he just pop in and stick around unnoticed? =P


Little of both; he was originally just a running gag but his popularity spurred him to have a slightly larger part in the cast. :)


would it be possible to have some navigation buttons put at the top of the comic page as well as the bottom? it spoils the comic when I have to scroll through to get to any ones I’ve missed.


Navigation at the top of the strip looks too weird; function or not it makes my fake!OCD really unhappy. XD

So instead I’ve compromised and stuck a quick archive right under the rating tag in the sidebar. You can just grab that and select the last comic you read. :)


I love Security. So very much.

But I agree with Iroke, he needs a nickname of some sort. D:

Or his real name could be revealed? o3o


Security, thy name is Malevolence. He just loves popping in to break poor Hnaef’s brain. I always liked Wiglaf with short hair. It kinda freaked me out when it all grew back after the arc with the elder Garrott siblings, and in only six months yet.


Once more, silly boy and computer, Security can’t be explained either; he’s omnipresent. There is nowhere he can’t appear, smiling with his closed little fox eyes and his sneaky little fox grin. I swear he’s Gin’s relative somehow, him and Shinji.


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