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Old Enough To Know Better

Cliffhanger? Why yes- yes it is. Really love how the last two panels came out~ I actually tried to do something with shading! Whether it worked or not – who knows? XD

In more fun news – someone pointed me toward FandomSecrets and it turns out there’s a WaM entry. I’d link directly to it, but I’d rather not inadvertently start a comment war–cause that’s not nice (especially since others are way more mad about it than I am–which is not at all). But the gist was my comments under each post are “unprofessional” and that my constant fangirl squees and the such make some of you uncomfortable.

I’m sorry it makes you uncomfortable (but I’m glad you like the comic anyway). I’d tell you it would stop, but that’d be lying. My blog comments are me being me – o natural – in other words: I’m like this in person. Meet me for the first time and it’s all awkward silences. Stick with me for a month and you’ll notice that I fangirl and giggle like an idiot–often. Even at work. It shouldn’t be a surprise it leaks into the commentary~

There were also some lovely comments in response to the original post about how my artwork is awful. To them: It could be worse. This is with years of improvement. :D

I think I got it all covered.

EDIT: Thanks for the support! But just to clarify – I mostly posted this because I was amused (not at the uncomforable-ness, just that my fangirl’ing actually affected someone. XD) So let’s keep it civil – so far you have but I can see the teetering toward non-civil territory, which is bad – because people are welcome to complain about my art/blogs if they don’t like them. I’m just letting you all know I think it’s funny more than anything. :3

Long post today. And kinda serious. Back to WaM!

Come Sunday for the event you all know is coming anyway because most of you have guessed it. XD

Song Listening Recommendation:

“Orphans of God” by Avalon


…(takes a deep breath and reminds self that if he throttles Lilly she won’t be able to post the rest of the story)…

Okay…bloody hell. -_-


And I’ve seen comic art work that worse anyways. Yours is good. I think they’re just jealous of your awesomeness. (At least the anatomy isn’t derpy or anything)
Besides, if they ever read your tweets or listened to your on ustream, you’re the same there too. It’s never really bothered me, in fact it’s rather amusing.
And, I dunno if there’s some form of link between how artists write comments and how they interact with their viewers or not, but you are, out of all the webcomics I read(which is a lot) one of the few that is as active with their viewers/readers as you are.

But, enough about that. Hnaef, for a teen genius you’re sure being awfully stupid, or naive.


Oh Hnaef, we told you to run.

I’m guessing Hildebruh could have been knocked over by a strong breeze after the first hit, the rest was overkill (overKO?).

I commented Monday that Sedrick has in fact not gone over the deep end, but rather he was diving in the Mariana Trench, I wish to add to that statement by saying that he has reached the bottom of the Challenger Deep and is drilling a hole in an attempt to go deeper.

Liliy, as I said during the stream, your fangirlism is like breathing to you, it’s part of your nature, I know you’re not taking it seriously but I’ll say this anyway, don’t change, it will be a sad day for many of us if you do (and I think your art is just charming :))


jsyk, I love your art. Another commenter said “charming” and that’s exactly it. Also, this comic would be ridiculous if the art was any more realistic or fancy. It needs to be cartoony, and you’ve captured that masterfully. :D :D :D


Every time I see an early strip I’m wowed by your improvement! I think the way you continue to practice and grow as an artist is absolutely awesome :)
As for your comments, heck, it’s the internet. Who wants to be professional anyway? This comic isn’t something ‘professional’, it’s a funny, wacky, awesome story made a funny, wacky, awesome person. Keep sharing your thoughts!


I don’t know what people are so upset about, I love to read your chatter about random fandoms. If anything, it makes the comic more fun – I don’t really like comics that are just posted in cold blood, with no commentary or blathering, they’re just no fun. Also, don’t listen to anything people say about your artwork, it’s wonderful and quirky and I absolutely love it. I guess the moral of the story is ‘Haters gonna hate’? Whatevs, you’re better off without them if they don’t love your comic. Which everyone should. It’s just so much fun :D


Is there such a thing as a webcomic artist who acts professsional? I always thought the whole point of this stuff was that the artist has fun while giving the readers their fun.
If the fangirling makes p[eople uncomfortable then they should just read the comic and move on. No-one forces them to read the blog/comments/etc…
And your art isn’t awful, it’s awesome! I always did approve of the quirky styles :D


I get the feeling that the protagonists (incl. the ones to be) in this comic tend to get hurt way more often then anyone else. They might just be too good. But it’s not for their own good…

Well, keep up with the great work you’re doing, Liliy! And also, I love your *squees* and *cuddles*! ;D


Art is art. If it pleases the eyes, and overall conveys what is meant, who cares what some jerk say’s, eh? Honestly though. You, are a damn good artist. All of your art is beautiful, charming, and at least half the reason I keep coming back… That and I am completely addicted to the plot!

As for the so called ‘professionalism’ of your blog posts… I’m not sure I’d want to read a comic done by someone who was completely ‘professional’. It’s probably be something like reading Dilbert, when Dogbert isn’t around…

What I’m tryin’ ta’ say here is. ‘Ell, we love your stuff. We love the way you act, and all the rest. And that’s why we’re here.

Now, back to the story… Oh, Hnaef. Why didn’t you run… This would be perfect timing for a surprise entrance from Wiglaf and Mordred… Or Azrael.


I believe the term is “moral event horizon”


I dunno. You don’t think he can go lower than trying to kill his own kid? *ponders*


Ahhhhrrrgggg!!!! No fair with the cliffhangers!
I want to find out what happens next but I have to wait. Lilly you’re mean that way. (lol not really) this story is just sooo good.
Btw your art work is awesome.


I’ve known you since you were drawing on paper and squealing in the hallways, Shorty, so I’ve seen your skills improve (tremendously, I might add) and your personality develop. Continue to do what you do best, which is express yourself naturally and have fun doing so.


O.O Hooooly CRAP. Hnaef, we told you to run.

Also, professionalism is for business deals. Beyond that, it’s lame. I always enjoy your comments.

And I agree with Mikey. Sedrick has gone so far off the deep end that he’s redefined the phrase. Can’t wait to see you on Sunday! ;)


Well. Things went all wahooney shaped in a hurry. Even more so, I mean.

As for professionalism? You do this (mostly) for fun. Screw professionalism.
I may not have known you as long as some, but I feel like I’ve known you long enough to safely say you’re awesome.
Me, I’m as introverted as they come so if I don’t know someone well, I’m all awkward and stiff. When I do know someone, I’m still awkward, but I’m alot more carefree. Awkward silences hold no secrets for me.


Poor Hnaef is staring death in the face right now. And Hildeburh is already suffering worse than death. This can only get even uglier.

I like how you use perspective and shading to fully convey the haunting menace of Sedrick’s arrival. And for the record, I like reading any thoughts and comments you share regarding “fangirl” stuff and other interests. ^_^


First let me tell you my reaction to the other peoples complaints about comments and fangirlyness: O.o


That is all.


Sedrick went off the deep end before he was born.
The “deep end” for him is like a millimetre of water.
Craziness charts with the worst villains of history don’t include him because if they did the others would be so small you wouldn’t even see them.
Chuck Norris shivers at the thought of meeting him.

…I think that pretty much sums it up. :)


Dammit! Hildeburh was here for like, five pages, and now he’s like, dead or something! And right after he showed what a great big bro he is!! Dangit. That was sorta evil of you Lily! I hope he’s still alive…


Are people really criticizing this comic based off ‘unprofessional’ author’s comments?
I guess we’re gonna have to have a talk with Tom Siddel, Dan Shive, Randall Munroe and Meredith Gran. Oh, and pretty much EVERY commenting cartoonist. Except Tim Maughan, pretty sure he’s safe. :P


I say that if people don’t like the awesome little posts you put under your art then they don’t have to read it.

Anyway, to real commenting; Poor boys, Daddy is not going to let them go unpunished. Is going to bed without supper not good enough?


I just noticed you forget something in your drawing:

Hnaef got splattered in the face with blood from his older brother, enough to have droplets of blood on the other side of his face. Yet, in the final panel… no blood at all.


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