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On The Back Of The Neck

*noms Batman: Under the Red Hood*

That is all.

“Na na na na na na na na BATMAN!”


Poor Ben looks about ready to faint.

And, why would someone working in a quilt shop feel the need to buy a sword at an antique fair?
Wonder what he did to need that bandage.

I like the split text shared by Grace and Gen.


Could be he likes to buy antiques/is a collector. Generally you go to an antique fair to either look, or buy, so it’s not a stretch to figure out why he bought the Sword of Éclat. As far as antiques go, it’s a gorgeous one… It’s the whole “but it’s also a magical artifact” that will bring trouble.


Could just be he’s a fan or LotR and other fantasy-geek totems, or perhaps he was looking for cheap home furnishings and he just stumbled upon a cool looking sword that was inexplicably cheap. Depending on how small-town the area he was living in at the time was an antique fair could be the closest they come to something to do on a Saturday night as well.


I want so very badly for Ben to turn out to be secretly badass. Like the kind of person who finally snaps and clobbers someone and then spends the next hour trying to apologize and make it up to them. <3


Seems Generic has some minor psychic senses.
Maybe from having been stabbed by Grace so often.


Hmm, the only way Éclat could have kept him away from women while working in a quilt store is if he somehow works trapped in an inventory room or something away from the customers. So chances are a lot of people think he’s either crazy or gay, or perhaps he actually has one or more girlfriends/wives.


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