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One At A Time




EDIT: I fixed the yield/wield typo. Stop mentioning it. XD


Ouch, poor Wiglaf. Then again, if maybe he’d listened to Camlann’s rants once in a while, or just spoke to him he’d know what he could do.(And Camlann wouldn’t be trying to kill him)

And, (unless he’s been around for more than 3 centuries) how is 326 a small number of people? Actually, 326 people could be spread out for quite some time with the average person living say, 60 years, and likely only wielding a sword for, at most, 40 years(from age 20-60).
So, saying that each person wielded him for 40 years a piece(roughly, it could be more or less) that would mean he’s been around for, HOLY CRAP, over 13040 years!!(That’s not counting the time spent between owners)
Just how long has he been around for?!?!


I don’t think that people could put up with his chatter for forty years, personally.


Good point.
But, if they used him more often, he might not chatter as much.


WIGLAF RUUUUNN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :shocked: Camlann is going to KILL you :omg: !!!!!!!!!!!!


There is also the point that Camlann may be a powerful enchanted artifact, but he’s still just a sword. A very powerful one.

People want power, and therefore, most people who wielded him would automatically end up with a shorter life-span, due to increasing their number of enemies exponentially… Putting the lifespan’s of his wielders at closer to fifteen years, if they could put up with him, or hold onto him that long.

Also, there is the possibility of people ceasing to be ‘pure’ and having to give him up.


would that also mean that if camlann doesn’t quit it… it could lose it’s powers in attacking the hero?


Well, lets say he’s been around since the first swords. That’d be 2 and a half, three thousand years ago, that works out to 9 of so years per owner. Still considering the lifespan of people back then, that’s not too bad a guess. 5 years even, if there is some time between owners. If you only find him once you are experienced (read: old), then you could die within 5 years. Or consider his ownership during a war. He could switch hands once a week if his owners kept getting killed.


Keep mocking Grace, Camlann! Let’s see if that ability of his compensates 98% of magical power as well as physical…

also panel 5 = XD


No, liliy mentioned it in one session, while Grace is useful in hand to hand(or, sword to sword) fighting, he’s useless when someone’s chucking fireballs at you.




Somehow I get the feeling this is going to result in a really kickass fight.

Oh, please say it will!


I know he’s kind of playing the evil side of things right now, but ever since he first showed up I can’t help thinking Human Camlann is really cute. I would totally date that.


actually quite disturbing.

On the plus side, if any other guy tried to steal you for a “good time”, Camlann could take care of him with his fire.. balls…


Poor Wiglaf.

Cam, honey, if you’d spend more time calmly explaining how kick ass you are, instead of ranting at painful decibels on how you are being ignored, maybe they wouldn’t ignore you…as much.

Or maybe stop being so bloody smug each time you toast someone fingers?


Aww, poor widdle Camlann being all ignored… *pets him* maybe now that you’re human and sexy and not just flaaaming~, it’ll be easier to get people to like you >w>


As annoying as he was I bet if he had used him more and even just listened to his rants he probably wouldn’t be so pissed at him and probably would have talked a lot less when he did decided he wanted to use him in battle


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