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One of the Top Reasons

It’s up! Only an hour late! But it’s up! XD

Edit: Oh! XD I know I still haven’t uploaded any of them, but I do have 3 or 4 entries for the Pair-a-Thon! Still time to get your entry in. :3 

Edit 2: WaM’ll be up late Friday/Early Saturday. Thanks for being patient!

Song Listening Recommendation:

Tron: Uprising – The Soundtrack

Love it.


awe…Poor guy…See i would have just killed them both. He’s actually kinder then I. *nod nod*


She spent the honeymoon with Lennart…On one hand, I totally agree with you, Megan.

On the other, I kinda wonder what he was doing at the time cause I’m trying to figure out where Malachi fits into the timeline.

And I wouldn’t married her in the first place as I think this “Threesome” has been around since the begining of their relationship. I wouldn’t share well…


This is true. I don’t share well either. I hadn’t thought about them being together even before the honey moon while dating. But your right, they met in college. >_<


Ah I’ve finally caught up to you! Expect more comments from now on! (And sometimes I think it would be helpful if you sometimes explained what’s going on in some of the more out-there comics in that little blurb you have at the bottom please?

Anyway, you probably know by now I love this comic. (why else would I read the previous 758 chapters). Introduced to it by my little sister.


Because it’s bugging me: you misspelled “instantly” in Vilhelm’s description of the boss’s immortality.

Also, I have to wonder whether the boss’s immortality comes from an artifact. Do we know what the first artifact is? I seem to recall Ledger being the second one.


aybe being immortal is what happens when you take over the cult, I bet he killed the previous cult leader (and ate his flesh) so he could take over.


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