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One Question At A Time

Ha ha. Cliffhanger. You know you love me. <3

On to announcements!


Family is visiting so I’ll be hanging with them. So if I can’t do it on my laptop downstairs or on my phone, it’s not happening (The tablet and drawing software is not on my ancient laptop). XD Which means no WaM. I might be able to squeeze in a strip Sunday night. This is a big maybe though, and honestly I might be better served doing something else like…

Uploading the fanart and fanfiction (I’m sorry I haven’t replied Blackford XD I do have it!) that I have sitting around waiting to be added to the site.

I haven’t even done next year’s Pair-a-Thon banner or official rules posts yet, and that starts in a little over 2 weeks!

And thank you everyone for your support. This whole half of the year has been crazy for me & December is proving to be worse. I appreciate the well wishes from you all. As I’ve said before: My readers rule. <3


for how long have I been readig this webcomic now? 3 years? xD
And I started reading thinking it was a bl comic XDDDDDDDD


Okay, I hate to display my stupidity here, but i have no idea what a “bl” comic is. Or rather, what bl stands for. Is that an “L” as in Lax, or a “I” as in Inane anyway? I’d google it, but I’ve learned over time not to google strange acronyms. What has been seen cannot be unseen, and all that.


I almost feel that in the third and second to last panels it should say “brother senses tingling!” or something.


Exactly- Clingy grown man abducting your baby brother for a week… I never realized how sketchy that sounded until tonight!


I agree. I hadn’t even thought about it before now…


add that to Security’s list of abilities O_O


With all that drifting Security does, he obviously must get bored, so he drags Hnaef along when he gets the chance. Everybody needs company. XD

Best wishes to you, Liliy!


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