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One-Sided Conversation

Oh Grace~ You hate anything that makes you miserable or worthless.

Yes. Grace does think he’s worth something. He’s a valuable artifact don’t you know~

Totally re-watched Jaws while drawing today’s strip. I forgot how much I loved that movie.

“You’re going to need a bigger boat.”

Song Listening Recommendation:

“Life On Ya’” by Danny ¬†Gokey


Make Bliss totally pretty, plz.
And if you look at the orb in the last panel for way too long (like i did), the white shiny things look like a smiley face.


You’d think that they’d notice it’s more him sitting and staring while Grace talks… or that Grace yanked his head around. XD
Oh wait, nope, Bliss is distractingly shiny. It all makes sense now. XD


Panel five, it looks like our letterer made the affect/effect swap mistake. Clearly Liliy hasn’t been flogging her Chinese sweatshop laborers enough. :D


…I can have laborers!? Will they work for free!?

*searches for them and throws up a fixed version of strip* Stupid Effect/Affect….


Chinese ones tend to be pretty mercenary but perhaps the Philippine or Indonesian ones can be convinced to work for the glory of Allah. If you can work with that then there you go.

BTW, if you make a grammar poster about which of affect and effect to use in which case, like the famous poster from Bob the Angry Flower about apostrophes, I would probably link it.


So, the Orb of “Bliss” is creepy, eh? Figures, the only thing “graceful” about Grace is how he affects Azrael’s fighting style.


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