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One-Sided Friendship

There are days even I don’t know if Arthur has any idea just how Yandere Sedrick is about him. He’s a little dumb with things like that. XD

But that doesn’t matter because Hnæf is being cute. You are so cute Hnæf, yes you are. Yes you are~ Who likes writing you? I do! I do.

What? Huh? Dignity? Where? *looks around*


Yours truly is spending the weekend with her editor. I’m not doing any work unless it involves writing, and even then it is unlikely. XD *salutes*

Takin’ the weekend off, in other words. Love you guys, I do. But I really need to see other human beings outside of my computer. I’ve turned into a total hermit lately and this must be rectified.

Liliy out.

Beautiful World by Utada Hikaru. Listen to it. Now.


Hermit life isn’t good? Well darn, there go my plans :/ (I’m kidding of course :P)

Have a fun weekend Liliy! Only a few of us (lead by me) will be rocking in the corner from withdrawal while you’re gone.


About last month I had a dream. In it last panal basically happened and Hnaef was the most adorable thing ever. I am now incedibly happy~! <3

I love Sedrick and Arthur very much~! ^-^ <3

No WAM? D= Oh, well… Have fun on your time off being with real people! =3


Made account to say

AAAAAWWW I feel like my heart is expanding every time I look at this, especially the last panel.

Have a good weekend.


Not COMPLETELY one sided though, right? It’s a more or less healthy friendship on Arthur’s side countered by twisted undying “love and devotion” on the other side.


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