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Only A Little Lost

Poor Fuxiyiya~

Wrong planet. XD

Don’t worry. You’ve got the right company to help you out!

Edit: WaM’ll be late on Friday, and I’ll save you all some time: Fuxiyiya is neither gender, and does not care if you use ‘he’ or ‘she’.

Edit: I caught a stomach bug, so I don’t think I’m gonna’ make WaM by Friday. I have no idea if I’m gonna’ be able to get Sunday’s strip up or not. If you check Sunday and it’s not there, assume no.

Sorry, guys. T_T


Y’know, I can’t help but think… that chick is a horrible navigator. I mean, sure, “missed by one planet”, but mars doesn’t exactly go around the sun at the same speed we do… so the most logical assumption i can think of, since a miss landing you on earth is statistically unlikely to a horrid degree, is that she straight up thought earth was mars. She was aiming for the wrong planet. I wonder how she’ll react if/when she figures that out…


close is a relative word. from jupiter to mars earth is way off the mark, from pluto to mars earth is still far off the mark, but for anything more than a couple solar systems it might as well be the house next door


Unless they undershot and didn’t go as far as they thought. Who’s to say they came from Jupiter’s direction? Could have come from Venus and crashed on earth before reaching Mars(as opposed to over shooting).

Also, the title of the previous page was ‘undershot’ which would imply they didn’t get as far as they thought they did.


venus, jupiter both are one planet away from the earth/mars landing point which makes it a pretty big mess up. i have just assumed that she comes from out of our solar system since she didn’t know the color difference and really doesn’t seem to know that earth doesn’t have space flight yet. hence being from far away 1 planet off isn’t so hard to beleive


I was going to ask whether Fuxiyiya is a girl or boy and then I remembered it’s an alien, so it may not matter anyways.

Whelp. There’s another character specific-gender to add to my list. I’ll put Fuxiyiya right before Hideyoshi, then…alphabetical and all.


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