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Only Azrael Is Cuddling


Hey look, Sunday’s WaM is colored and this one is done (almost) on time. Go me.


Also, JManga is now Global. Which is awesome. Join! XD

Song Listening Recommendation:

“Winter Wrap Up!” from My Little Pony -I only needed one line. :D


Ahh! This is like a birthday present for me(it’s still the 28th where I live)!! I love Grace and Éclat! Pridence seems cool, even if she’s helping Guinevere try to do something bad…


I…cannot tell if Eclat is being sarcastic in the last panel or not. The words sound like he should be sarcastic, but his expression actually looks somewhat concerned/sympathetic.
-is confused-


Is it just me or was Grace actually boasting that he was acting totally against expectations, just to freak éclat out?


O.o Poor Grace! He needs rehab! Azzie’s not been good to him, he needs to kill, kill and kill some more. Maybe Eclat will help him if the victims are women?

Oh and Prudence, I see you there XD


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