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Only For Arthur

Would Sedrick serve that woman tea.

Ha ha, this is a call back to a really early strip. XD I missed that tea cup. Oh the things that go on in the manor off screen we never see.

Moving on. Um. Yeah, I got nothing. I do most of my fangirling on Twitter recently so I have nothing here.

Oh, and I’m addicted to Minecraft – and I’m using the Mordred skin Mikey made! You can grab them on the Extras page if you want to use them for your mining! :D Send me screens of my boys at work~

And as someone in the ustream chat said once (paraphrased): “Ha ha. Mordred. Work. *snort*”

EDIT: I forgot. XD WaM Joined! I looked at the site again and realized it wasn’t as scary as I first thought. So, if you use it, feel free to add WaM to your follow list! :D


Song Listening Recommendation:

“Devil Woman” by Cliff Richard


Madame Garrott, I’m disappointed in you. I was expecting you to lay down the smack.


The Mme and Mr Garrott are both Successful super villains. In order to be so they must also be patient.

Sedrick is making a strategic power grab so they need to make it backfire in his face, not just take him out.

Union rules, I’m sure.


Something disturbs me about how easily Sedrick is getting away with everything. There needs to be some challenge to this…


So. I figure he’s either got the horse barn filled with explosives or that he poisoned the horses and has the only antidote. That’s the only way he can get away with this with Mr. Garrott.


Sedrick is certainly on a winning streak. So far no one can stop his evil fun-times. XD I’m actually surprised that Madame Garrott wasn’t prepared for his assault. Also, I’m curious about why Sedrick apparently thinks he has nothing to fear from her murderous retaliation. He knows how dangerous she is, yet he’s not afraid, so it’ll be interesting to see how he shields himself from her wrath.

It’s very understandable why Sedrick wanted revenge on Madame Garrott, since she treated him like a nothing. I like how he grinds the broken pieces into her carpet just to rub it in her face. XD I wonder what Sedrick has planned next in his marathon of evil.


Please, correct me if I’m wrong, but I got the impression recently that the Madame and her husband weren’t exactly on the best of terms. Is it possible that Garrot still won’t really care?


I think Sedrick just screwed the pooch. I understand Mr Garrott leaving his son to his own devices as a learning experience (after all he did indicate that bad things would happen if Arthur died).

Mess with the Missus, however, and even a Villain like Mr Garrott will likely take you apart in new and horribly unpleasant ways. Then bring you back so he could do it again.


Hmmm.. It’s like he has this Garrott-hit-list. First Arthur, then Janice, now the Madame, who’s next? Mordred? OOoooO I kinda hope so…! i don’t want our favorite passive-aggressive “super” villain to get hurt, but I DO want to see Wiggy and Sedrick go head to head!!!!
GAH! this is getting even more INTENSE. (eye-twitch)
Also, I love the fact that Madame Garrott sits on a throne whilst wearing an evil-queen-like dress in her free time XD That woman has good evil taste!


Going after Mordered would be bad.
Word-of-God liliy stated that, Janus and Arthur have ‘super villain’ status, meaning they deal with their own problems(unless dead, in which case then parents step in) Mordred and Boudica do not. So, they get dad’s protection(and mom’s probably).
Plus, touch Mordred and you’d also have Arthur Sr. to deal with


I think her inciting wrath is intentional, the angrier she is the less likely she is to think plans through making her more predictable (if perhaps more deadly (in theory)).

Oh, and yay for you Liliy, minecraft is a good thing in moderation, glad to hear you got into it. (I just hope it doesn’t distract you form WaM, work or life in general) Have fun. :)


… cool.. he’s taking on all of his threats.
wonder how he’ll take on wiglaf. I doubt it’s going to be fist fight.


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