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Only In His Head

… *posts and runs*


(NANO IS IN FULL SWING. Liliy be here.)

What? Song? I dashed away! How can there be a song rec!?


5000 words and it is only day one, you’ll do fine Liliy.

I love the last scene with Security and Hnaef. Security can get himself from one job to another in the blink of an eye, but it takes him a long time to get back to a place he recognizes after getting lost. One must wonder if that is on purpose so he can keep Hnaef out of danger (as Hnaef is only 13, that is the only acceptible answer).

As for Mordred, don’t kill Wiglaf. Wiglaf is the only person who can save you if Sedrick actally tries to kill you.


*laughs at all this*
*notices wiglaf’s expressions in the middle*

wwwwaaaaaaiiiit a second… Is Wiglaf… Blushing!?1? XD


Again I say:

Security is a Time Lord. I suspect he has a vortex manipulator rather than a TARDIS, though. Or maybe a newer model of TARDIS?


Unless Liliy changes her mind security is not a Time Lord. Different form of Sci-Fi travel, that does not require machinery. Although humans do tend to get lost doing it.


Aww, well. Ruin my fun, why don’cha. -grin- Though that IS very interesting… I suppose I’ll just have to wait until Liliy decides to tell us to learn more, hmm?


Haha, I love Wiglaf’s musings XD… And that last panel. (Let’s face it though, I mostly love every page you post so).

Also, NANOWRIMO! *Highfive* We are take-on-insane-writing-goals-that-aren’t-healthy-for-ourselves-during-November buddies.


Wiggy! Is that a BLUSH I see when you’re imagining Mordred in DESPAIR?!? I do believe that is a blush!!!!! <3


Wiglaf’s various conceptions of Mordred’s potential reactions are great, and I love how Security has Hnaef wandering through who-knows-where. XD


Thank you so much for putting them somewhere other than earth. That needed to happen. I loooove Security! He’s my favorite ever. Ever. Okay, but I actually did have something constructive even though no one will read it (problem with posting on old stuff). It would be amazing if Security and Hnaef got some alone time in the future. He would be an amazing role model, no matter how smart and awesome Hnaef already is. I just don’t want him ending up like Sedrick. -_-


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