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Only One Adult


Yay!! The Pair-a-Thon got its first entry! :D Go check it out.

Song Listening Recommendation:

“The Delicious Tomato Song ~ Romano” (Oishi Tomato no Uta~ Romano~) from Hetalia


Aaaaaaaaaaand this just reinforces what I have been concerned about all along: Security has to be working for (or somehow be otherwise affiliated with) someone evil. Or mischievous. Lessee…

Nice work with the parental berating, Liliy. Sweet dreams and good rest. :)


I agree with Security. As nice as it is to see Geoffry’s moment of awesome here, aside from Mr. G there is far less violence than expected. THEY BROKE INTO THE HOME BASE OF AT LEST 2 ACTIVE SUPER-VILLAINS! Oh well, I’m sure there will be another page of Safir being cute and I’ll forget all about it.


Heh heh, Security is basically approaching this whole thing like a movie viewer. He’s tired of watching a dialogue-driven drama film and wants to switch to a knock-down drag-out action flick. XD

Good thing Geoffry acted to put Safir’s mind at ease and get him out of there before reprimanding the rest of the cast.


“And Janus…never mind, you don’t care anyway.”

^^ Best. Geoffry. Quote. Ever. =D

And I agree with Security–lotsa action-beat-’em-up stuff is more fun! ;D


Ah Security..

“Wasn’t it your own Hardy that said ‘Nothing reveals humanity so well as the games it plays?’… Actually, you reveal yourself best in HOW you play.”

He really reminds me of Q sometimes.

Which is a totally awesome thing ^_^


I love Janus. That panel reminds me of something you guys would say to me.


*Chuckles.* No kidding.

On that same note, remember that problem we were discussing last summer? Someone figured it out. XD If you can hit a book store, check out the Sci-Fi section for the book “Weapons of the Future,” and scan through the story “David in the Lion’s Den.” You’d love it, despite the slight need for suspension of disbelief (i.e., can’t think of examples of any such unique proteins).


Y’know, Liliy, you just need Crow to make a cameo appearance with Hnaef and Security, and you’d have the most perfectly balanced peanut gallery. You have the comedian, you have the straight man, you just need the certifiably crazy person. Nice work.


Just love how Janus is still smirking this whole time. And Geoffry for taking control of the whole situation, and saying your most perfect line ever! (obviously, the one towards Janus:P)

Hnaef and Security really need something to keep them entertained now, before they start playing old Pokemon games…. at least, that’s what I do when I get into that kind of boredom.
Ah, old Pokemon games… on that note, can’t wait for Heart Gold and Soul Silver! :D


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