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Only Two Missing Here

We’ve hit strip 1000!! AHHHH!!!

It’s been an unbelievable journey full of ups and downs, but we did it!

Thank you so much for reading. And I hope to continue doing this number of pages justice.

*hugs everybody*


Happy 1000! =D

And everybody is free! But Boss is probably super grumpy ’cause…. two weeks. Bliss should probably activate just to make sure he doesn’t have Jade start ripping out organs or anything… Because that wouldn’t be healthy.


Jellyspud’s response to F’s “Yay” is disturbingly adorable. Congrats on, and thank you for, all the lovely comics!


Oh yeah, 1000!!!! And, Mordred got in his “I hate you” line. WAM is pure comedic perfection. Makes me smile every time :)


Ooh, you should totally make a happy jelly spud keychain from panel five! That would be freaky and awesome at the same time :D


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