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Heh, WaM’s a little over an hour late. Ah well. Sorry for ditching on the Ustream tonight (Thur. Night…). Between working late & some stuff that came up there wasn’t much time for it. To be honest, I almost didn’t do WaM at all….heh.

& On that note; I’ll be gone until Saturday night. So if I don’t tweet/respond/etc. It’s because I’m not here and have no internet access. *waves*

In the meantime, Voting still continues. I’m still losing – but I’m really not that surprised because my competition is Red Moon Rising. XD

Love you all~

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“Desperado” by The Eagles


I still oddly feel great sympathy for Azrael.

Also, Az… the reason is he can’t usually pummel you to the ground THAT FAST. And he’s a good guy. ^_^ Good guys are always nice, particularly when their rival is suddenly much less than usual. It’s also known as “WTF?” XD


Darn it, Wiglaf, stop showing sympathy for the villains! It makes them feel bad! =^-^= Yup, that boy has Definite Hero Syndrome going on here. I suspect at this point he’d have a lot of troubles TRYING to act villainous. So much for heroing being his shtick! =^-^=

Rob H.


Is anyone else here hoping that this forces Azrael and Wiglaf to reminisce about the past, and then we can have a good few strips just about them being friends, then being separated and turned into rivals. :D


For the record, the expressions on this page=Epic Win. Seriously… I especially like Wiglaf’s expression in panel 3, it makes me want to go ‘awww…’

But I don’t. Because cute as these guys are right now, they’re just a little hotter when they fight. Just a little…

Seriously. EPIC. WIN.


The facial expressions speak volumes in this strip, Liliy. Nice choice occluding the background. (And I like the point that Azrael is now so much less than usual that even a smack hard enough to break his hand won’t rock Wiglaf back on his heels.)

…I’m wondering if Generic is sneaking off with Orb of Bliss in hand, just now.


Soooo… after this page and the last one, has anyone been converted to shipping Wiglaf and Az? Don’t worry, I won’t judge you.


Wiglaf and Azrael play off each other really well in this strip. Their interaction is touching. Good display of generosity once again by Wiglaf.

Azrael, like most villains, has trouble understanding compassion from an enemy, but it’s starting to dawn on him. He’s not used to this kind of humane behavior. XD


…Ouch. That’s one of the more painful injuries… I really hope that his broken hand doesn’t heal wrong and impair his swordplay later on.

Azreal why must you be so adorable augh I want to hug you but your ribs are brokeeeeen D:


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