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…Or Was It?

I don’t know what Wiglaf is doing either.

He’s sort of stolen the story line on me.

As my characters have been known to do.

“If being mean’s a way of life,
You’ve practiced and rehersed.
And all that work is paying off,
‘Cause Scroogey’s getting worse.”

“Scrooge” from Muppet Christmas Carol


What, so you’re just going to leave the poor alien to the mercy of your dad? Wow Wiglaf, I think Mordred’s been a bad influence on you.


And now we all have front row seats to Fuxiyiya’s hopes of ever returning to their planet burning like a sparkler on the Fourth of July.


Maybe he knows better then to interfere with his dads work…

Also either Wiglaf’s dad does have magic or he found a way to steal it from Camlan (I totally spelled his name wrong)or something.


It was confirmed way back(when he subdued Camlann) that he knows some spells. Also atm he’s being possessed by Malachi.


Malachi has all the magic. When Vilhelm took down Camlann, he was possessed by Malachi–they were just better at hiding it at the time. XD


On one hand, I’m a bit worried about poor Fuxiyiya.

On the other hand… she WAS pretty hungry. Maybe she just found snacks, or rather, potential snacks just found her?


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