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Parental Instinct

Mordred did not think this through.

Also, nothing bonds together people who hate each other like protecting their kid. Even if he’s a twenty-something super hero.

Also, I discovered Transformers: Prime.

*fangirl squeak*

Song Listening Recommendation:

“Hot Mess” by Cobra Starship


You just know Vilheim’s eyes are red behind the glasses.

On a side note, is Security in any way related to Lennart? They seem to have a physical resemblance, at least in my opinion…


I don’t think so, sure they’re both have blond hair, tannish skin and special talents.

but I don’t think they’re related. Because Security has a lighter shade of blond while Lennart/wiglaf has a “brighter” color.


I recently discovered Transformers: Prime too! Glad to hear you’re enjoying it. ^_^

*laughing* Mordred shifting from perplexed to joyful to fearful is quite funny. He really should have thought things through. XD

Wiglaf’s three parents look like they will blow a hole in the ceiling any minute. And if those red eyes mean that the parents bear any resemblance to Wiglaf’s “Devil of Bohuslan” identity, then Mordred is in really serious trouble.

Ha ha, Security pops a confetti tube to enhance Mordred’s celebration! Nice touch. Security’s confetti, the rainbow background, and Mordred’s cheering combine to make such a festive picture. XD


So, funny story about Transformers: Prime: It’s not actually that good, and an even funnier story: My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic is actually the best cartoon on television. Crazy how the world turns, isn’t it?

Anyway, wow, Mordred is positively giddy.


Oh.My.God. Panel two = BEST.PANEL.EVER. <3 :D Happy Mordred is so WEIRD but ADORABLE!!! and then his little personal rainbow of happiness, and Security!!! So THIS is where he disappeared to after he regained consciousness!!! and I really like that Lennart ended up with Vilheim's tie on his head!! XD


…Why is Lennart wearing Vilhelm’s tie around his head?


Epic and choreographed fight scene off panel. I’m betting there was chandelier-swinging involved somehow, despite the lack of chandeliers.


Oh yes it was an epic “struggle” off camera where they both end up half dressed and one is wearing the others tie like a bandana…. Oh my ….. @.@`

[brain implodes]


Just love how this latest arch is turning out. It’s shot right back up to “jaw-breakingly funny”!!


TF: Prime is awesome. I’ve been following it for a little while now. I think the character development and plot are just wonderful.


I am absolutely in love with panel two. I can almost see it in action. And it is so simple, and completely hilarious. Have I mentioned that I love it? XD


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