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Parents. Got To Love Them.

…color later. *curls up and sleeps*


EDIT: Hey look at that. Color. XD


lol…. i was clicked on the next button several times then gave and then posted something on the last page then clicked it one last time for the road and what do i see? =D a page! *hugs page in all its awesome*


No matter, this one works great without color. *hugs* Now that I’m not worrying about Wiglaf, I can enjoy the humor. ^_^


Oh, forgot to say – I’m pretty sure this proves Wiglaf got his super strength from /somewhere/.


Oh, Vilhelm and Lennart, you two are officially the Most Awesome of Fathers that any heroically inclined son could ask to have. xD

Also, pretty sure that the super strength came from the mother. Just LOOK at her! O.O You *know* she’s a lot more than meets the eye! That’s a basic fact for all “closed-eyes-and-very-smiley” characters. For example, Security.



Though I half think they were able to do this to Camlann because they don’t worry about being “good” or the like. They’re evil and perfectly happy with it. If Wiglaf embraced the Cookies Side, then he’d also have no problem dealing with Camlann. ;)


~Give in to the Cookie side, Wiglaf… search your heart, you know it to be true~


He doesn’t need to. Mordred will give him cookies from the Cookies side instead.


Unless it’s a lie. The dark side is perfectly comfortable lying about the cookies. THAT’S WHY THEY’RE THE DARK SIDE.



The cookies are NOT a lie.

I just ate them all while everyone else was at the seminar. Left before they came out so all they saw was an empty plate where cookies once existed.

After they mugged Santa Claus and found he wasn’t responsible, the whole “The Cookies are a Lie” meme started up. But it’s my fault.

And I’d do it again. They were delicious cookies.


Poor Wiglaf he’s gonna have to relax and do nothing. Wiglaf is totaly gonna freak after like 1 day of not being able to do anything


The question “I” have to ask is…. Just who was their teacher and how tough/bad were they?

and now for the “moment” some have been waiting for ….

So Camlann, not so tough after all?
Looks like you were …
*Puts on sunglasses*
… a pushover. *YEAAAAHHHHHHH*


Ha ha, Vilhelm and Lennart really took care of Camlann. They successfully subdued a magical super-powered being – no small task. We can see where Wiglaf gets all his power. XD And their comments about primary school are hilarious. XD


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