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Parents Think Alike

(You guys’ll get color later…like usual. Heh.)

Ha ha. Oh, that running gag never gets old. No matter how over used it is. XD

OH! And since I know I have them…to all my Canadian readers:

Happy Canada Day!!!

Song Listening Recommendation:

“Mr. Blue Sky” by The Electric Light Orchestra


“Had to ask.” =^-^=

So. I take it this is a heterosexual life partners situation? – Warning, this will suck your life away if you’re not careful. ;)


I’ve always thought that it could make for an interesting Vitriolic Best Buds relation if Wiglaf were capable of the needed snark. Sadly, with only one exception that I can think of (him telling Mordred that he’ll be doing some new chores), Mordred seems to monopolize that particular attribute.


It’s Canada day?
I never knew that! And I’m Canadian!


….How can you live in Canada and NOT know that July 1st is Canada Day? No seriously, how? I’ve know this since I was, I dunno, forever.

Considering it is mentioned freaking everywhere in the days leading up to it (Canada Day sales, events…)how do you not know(aside from living under a rock)? Plus, FIREWORKS!


I don’t really believe in being proud to be Canadian, because to be proud, you have to have achieved something. Being born in Canada wasn’t a skill, so don’t really care about any national pride day, because well I enjoy living in Canada, sure as hell doesn’t require hard work and effort.


Canada Day isn’t celebrating that at all. It’s celebrating that day Canada became its own country, when Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, and the Province of Canada were united to form the country of Canada.
It has nothing to do with pride. If anything it’s just pride that we’re our own country.
Also you didn’t need to be rude I was just asking how a Canadian doesn’t know about Canada Day(a question which you dodged btw by talking about something I didn’t even mention).

tl;dr Canada Day isn’t a ‘pride day’ as such, it’s the country’s birthday.


If Mordred’s still tied (buckled?) to the table, sitting up like that has got to be killing his wrists.


I’m still rooting for Driver and Mordred.

Also: what is this craziness? Driver getting afew lucky kicks in on a guy that Arthur has trouble with? … I’m not sure I understand what just happened.


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