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Part of the Job

*yawn* Work is insane this week. I’m so tired….so, a quick WAM today. But it’s all good; we get to see Ruby.  *nods*

And I’m sure you’ll forgive me for the late and and quick copy/paste today. ‘Cause Sunday – something big for you guys. And I mean BIG. :D

So while you’re waiting, check out a good comic or two. :D

Song Listening Recommendation:

“Electric Barbarella” by Duran Duran


Hurray for fifth element homage characters! Now we need to see Driver as Leeloo, Wiglaf as Corban Dallas, Mordred as Jean-Baptiste Emanuel Zorg, and Boudica as Plavalaguna. XD


That’s okay Lilliy! I can hardly wait for Sunday now! :happy: Could Ruby lend me a can of instant perk? Is it as good as instant noodles? :) Btw, I LOVE this comic! :love:


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