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Paying Attention Is Overrated

I love drawing my characters angry – I get to draw their hair all wild. :$

Horatio and Viola are also officially my favorite couple in WaM. (For the moment anyway…) I love the third panel. XD

I hope everyone had a good Christmas!

Color later…I was just lazy today and started late. XD Mwa ha ha ha ha ha ha. I seriously need a nickle every time I type that…

Song Listening Recommendation:

“Room of Angel” from Silent Hill 4 (Mary Elizabeth McGlynn)


Horatio and Viola are real cute when they’re angry. XD I see that Viola must have decided that showing off her friendship with Janus was the only way to get attention from her husband. XD

Yay for Janus for causing all this entertaining chaos! *claps for Janus* She’s sure having fun tweaking Horatio. Love the sarcastic line you gave her at the end.


Of course… The evil villan lies… it’s such a suprise!

I suppose that even supervillans need some rest and relaxation on occasion… and a nice trip to the mall with her best friend would fill that gap nicely…

As for the Homicides… Well of coures it still happens! Viola watches and rates Janus’s technique! How else would she be so good at it!


Janus versus Lord Voldermort?
Janus wins
Janus versus the White Witch?
Janus obliterates.
Janus versus ….

Janus is truly evil. All other villains must bow before her!
Excepting maybe Sephiroth. For some reason, I think if he and Janus ever met, Geoffry’s position of man of the house might be threatened. :)


This page is made of win.

That is all.


Check that I lied. Horatio has got to work on priorities. And Geoffry is actually looking aggravated. This may not bode well.


Oh hey, colors!

Oh hey, Arc de Triomphe background! Very nice! And sorry about the double post <_<


I find it intensely amusing that Geoffrey is more bothered by her lying to him than he is by her committing random homicides every other week. XD


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