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Perfect At That, Too

I had a friend sit behind me tonight to make sure I didn’t get distracted or zone out. LOL. Comic got done. So everyone thank the friend. xD

Edit: I’m so tired I almost forgot to tell you I’m not updating. LOL. Wow. *smacks cheeks* One week of working again and I’m already a mess. Ah well. I’ll balance it out somehow. The rest of the world makes it work, so can I. But for now. I have to wake up early. >..>; Night!

Edit 2 (3/29): I do not feel good today. Not to be TMI but certain times of the month just really suck. I’m going to enjoy my unsweet tea, get my late dinner, and chill. I will see you on Friday for sure, though. Maybe I’ll get another babysitter. LOL.


He is emotionally dependant on a person who only paid attention to him initially simply because it was funny, and to whom he has decided to forcibly attach himself to. His only “imperfections” are his inability in introspection on himself and his family members, and his inability to not be perfect at everything.

Honestly, I’m going to look through the cast page, and suggest how many other characters might be in an equivalently unhealthy (for them) mental space, starting with the one I know is there:
- Wiglaf’s non-biological Father (who isn’t on the cast page)
- Maybe Camlann?

Honestly, the Cast Page only shows half current cast, and the people you would want to include in a list like this fit into two categories:
.1. They’re insane, and perfectly happy with the fact. (eg. Galen)
.2. They have a singular significant issue that they’ve made peace with. (eg. Geoffry)


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