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Perfectly Chooses His Battles

This is going to sound dumb but I’m really proud and happy I got WaM done today. I had a 3 hour dress rehearsal today and all I wanted to do afterwards was crash, but I got something drawn instead. XD

Also Wiglaf knows what to fight and what not to.

I’m also amused Azrael is tall enough that he can literally speak over Wiglaf.

Edit: I think I succeeded to get WaM drawn on Friday because I knew somehow I was going to crash today. On Saturday I spent all day running around so I’m already sore (I walked up and down so many hills…), and then today was the 2 Hour Concert performance and then a 3 hour D&D night. I’m…I’m gonna crash early. Which means no WaM today I’ll see you guys Wednesday.

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