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And you all thought Grace was just annoying~ But no! Azrael does get something in exchange for cartin’ his sorry silver carcass around.

And I love drawing little kid!Azrael. His hair is so floppy~ Also, I tend to draw both of his eyes in the sketch even though I know one of them is going to get covered up.

And Generic got an accent…he just demanded it. So there it is. *holds hands up*I obeyed! I obeyed! (He got a cast page finally, too, btw…)

In other news, I’m completely in love with Hanna Is Not a Boy’s Name. I read the entire thing in a single sitting this afternoon & the last time a comic made me laugh audibly and grin like an idiot page after page was True Magic. Good stuff.

Song Listening Recommendation:

“Trinity” by Paper Tongues (Aka The Latest Song I’ve Had on Loop For Way Too Long)


I like the depth you used to depict Azrael running away from the school. And it’s a school for the gifted, so Azrael displayed his unique talents at an early age. I bet he developed his music appreciation and his fencing skills here.

One of the perks, I assume, would be the prestige of carrying an elegant rapier wherever he goes. A lot of women would dig a guy with a sword. XD


Gah! More Questions?!

So … Things we DON’T know about Grace: (from new to old)

What Grace does for Azrael
What Grace threatens to do to Azrael
What’s so bad about the Orb of Bliss (OoB)
Why Why Grace can’t talk about the OoB
Anything specific about the set Grace is a part of
Why Azrael’s not “hitting that” (the Valkyries)
Why Grace is called grace (was Grace ever human?)


Liliy, in light of this, I hope you some day do a mini-arc about these two best friends meeting again on the wrong side of the law.

…Or is that why Azrael hates Wiglaf so much? Because Wiglaf keeps getting in the way of Azrael’s best friend’s attempts to pull off successful heists?


Aww. :$

And also GNEE! That IS a mighty fine comic. I love that dynamic art style. :love:

Now I wonder what these “perks” could be. Immortality? The ability to see and talk to dead people? Supernaturally shiny hair…?


TM still makes me giggle, too btw. XD

The world may never know! Or I lie and we’ll find out next strip!

…though the hair thing might explain why Azrael grew his out.


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