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Petty Revenge is Serious Stuff

I fear when Lancelot just accepts he’s a Mad Scientist and sticks himself on Mordred’s payroll.

Wiglaf will have his hands full. :D Like he does now running off to do his hero thing off screen. Heh.

Hmm. What else? ‘oh yeah! Halloween’s on Sunday this year! Which means Halloween Pin-up!! Last time I did Silent Hill~ Not sure what to do this year. If you got a suggestion; let’s here it. Otherwise I’ll probably do a Freddy Krueger parody.

Oh, and my product placement evils have paid off! You too can now own Mordred’s King Shirt and therefore cosplay as him for Halloween! :D *shameless yet again*

Song Listening Recommendation:

“Livin’ On A Prayer” by Bon Jovi


Cheerleader wannabe and petty revenge x3


And cool shirt! And first comment! I keep winning today! Huzzah!


wow this is weird. It’s 10:12 on the 23rd for me yet the Sunday page is up…

seems like Hnaef (or however you type that) has finally gotten used to security’s popping in and out of places.


Suggestion for Halloween Parody:

Dr. Jonathan Crane and Batman.

I’ll let you decide which character plays who.


Poor Lancelot~ he really needs to come out of the closet about being a Mad Scientist~ But that would be cool if he was in Mordred’s division. As for the Halloween Pin-up I think you should do a Freddy vs. Jason sort of thing featuring um Mordred and Wiglaf or Arthur and Janus (lol Janus being a female freddy krugger) :lol2: :P :love:


I wonder if you could use the cheerleader as a yo-yo.


I’m wondering if you could use Bliss to power something infinitely by handing her a piece of paper with, “See other side for more details,” on both sides attached to a generator.


Driver standing there derisively pointing at the orb is very amusing. A creepy floating sphere in the middle of the room will put anyone in a grumpy mood.

Mordred and Lancelot must have had very infuriating moments in their math class. XD


Coward, I would be performing science experiments up to and including trying to scam free energy out of it. It’s a floating orb, things don’t tend to do that so you’ve got a special toy to play with.


I’d love to siphon free energy from that thing — so I’d stick it in a generator or under a lampshade so that it could do its energizing job without floating in the middle of the room and annoying people. XD I think Driver’s not really “afraid” of it, just disturbed; I bet she’d gladly kick it like a kickball far out into the next zip code. Point for Driver!! XD


For the halloween pinup you could do some sort of ghost movie with Grace and Bliss, especially since Bliss is so un-scary


Hallowe’en Pin-Up Suggestion: The ReAnimator (so you can listen to that crazy Europop song on loop for a couple of hours).


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