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Pin-Up I

I should not be allowed to watch cult films before I draw WAM. Curse you Rocky Horror Picture Show. Curse you and your oh so addictive soundtrack.

To those of you who were expecting to see what happens next with Mordred, Wiglaf and Azrael, I do apologize.

I am so, so sorry.

Mike encouraged me. I said “It’s either Rocky or the Plot.” And he said “Rocky.” So it’s not completely my weakness at wanting to draw my babies cosplaying. *hides* I promise we’ll be back with the regularly scheduled program on Sunday. XD



Great job on this. Wiglaf finally looks manly… Mordred not so much. XD

I still think doing the whole cast is a good idea. ^_^


I am thoroughly traumatized by this and I can’t decide if it’s in a good way… (I think it’s in a good way)


…The horrors! The Horrors!! THE HORRORS!!! Will i Ever Sleep again!!? *commits suicide out of horror*

That was kinda funny in a way… thats even scarier…
(woho for changing name to fit a comment!)


…Apparently I can’t be traumatized anymore.Dunno if this is good or bad.I wonder what could of already traumatized me.ooooooooooooh.*shudders*


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