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Pin-Up II

What? Why are you looking at me that way? I never specified which one of them was going to be the sheriff and which would be the bank/train/whatever robber. *whistles innocently*

Random Factoid: Wiglaf’s scarf is the same color as Mordred’s eyes and Mordred’s vest is the same color as Wiglaf’s eyes. :D

Enjoy the pin-up. Most likely the next one you see will involve Driver or one of the Valkyries. ^_^

And physics jokes have become surprisingly amusing. Curse you KGJ! XD You’re rubbing off on me.


Great artwork. They look very cool as cowboys. Their costumes look nifty and they have terrific dangerous glares on their faces. Excellent!

The yellow, orange and red in the background is perfect. It looks like a Western-style sunset scene.


To bad this pin-up never made it onto you dA account, I want to be able to favourite it, which I can’t do here. Actually, it’s the only one that hasn’t made to dA yet. :*(


Wiglaf looks good as a bad guy. I think he should switch to being a villain. With his amazing strength, and other skills he would make a very good villain.


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