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Pin-Up IV

Happy Birthday WAM! It’s been 3 Years today since Wiglaf and Mordred were born from a horrible, horrible pun based on British Literature.

Good times.

And if you’re curious, the website itself will be a 1 year old on the 22nd of October. I won’t be celebrating that one, but it is still a landmark as it’s when I actually started updating regularly. Whoot!

Thanks for hanging in there and reading WAM! Love you all!


Happy Birthday, WAM! Thanks for all the fun and laughs, Liliy!

Driver, Driver, that’s no way to eat cake. XD

I like how Wiglaf looks puzzled and Mordred looks thoroughly unamused. XD


Wow. Poor Driver’s date the previous night must have been REALLY pathetic.

All kidding aside, wow, that’s a birthday celebration. Is red velvet Mordred’s favorite, too, then?


I think I’m broekd. First thing I thought was “Whoa, hot!” :love: Then I realised it was Driver & was all, like, “I knew it!” :D Then I remembered my favourite body type is pretty much the total and exact opposite, so I’m really confused now. But I still think Driver’s hot.

Oh and, um, hi!

:love: Driver :love:


Driver is beautiful in her own way. A strange, creepy way. But thats why I like her so much!

yours faithfully (to driver)


i feel sorry for driver because even when dressed up like this she just looks like a guy in drag. :happy: :D


You’re wrong; Driver is the hottest character in the comic. While I will admit this outfit is… unflattering on her. She needs no enhancements!

Ok who am I kidding. I just love Driver + Wiglaf + Mordred + Cake. *eats cake* :love:


ok so i know where Wiglaf came from… that would be Beowulf right? but where did the name Mordred come from?


Arthurian legend. Mordred was King Arthur’s son by Morgause-his half sister(though, both parties were unaware of their relationship at the time). Mordred fights and is killed by Arthur, whom he fatally wounds, at the Battle of Camlann.(and yes, that IS where liliy got the sword’s name from)

Hope that helped.


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