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Pin-Up IX

Today’s WAM is Amy Lett’s (of Epic Fail) prize for the Pair-a-Thon Contest. :D She requested Wiglaf as Jareth from Labyrinth and I was more than happy to comply.

Labyrinth is one of my all time favorite movies. Not only is it by Jim Henson, but it helped spark my obsessive need to pair characters. Jareth x Sarah. Forever man.

This one was a lot of fun. Even if everyone looks way out of character. Driver looks pretty; Wiglaf looks evil and Mordred is adorable. Go figure. XD Hope you like it Amy!

Oh, and of course -


Love ya’ girl! *hug*

Song Listening Recommendation:

“Unto the Lamb”


Yes. I love Labyrinth, but this picture is so wrong. Driver? Cute? After that cake picture? *head explodes*

And happy B-Day La Vaca!


I don’t know I like evil Wiglaf. Of course I ship him turning evil and getting together with Mordred but there is no denying he looks good in that coat.


“You remind me of the babe.”
“What babe?”
“The babe with the power.”
“What power?”
“The power of Voodoo!”
“Who do?”
“You do!”
“Do what?”
“Remind me of the babe!”

Dance magic dance!

…Yeah. Who DOESN’T love Labyrinth? ;)

Also, I’m both happy and disappointed that you can’t see whether he’s actually wearing pants or is in full Jared costume, because in the movie you can clearly see that David Bowie isn’t Jared the Goblin King, David Bowie’s… Ahem, Area is the Gobling King. :P


Haha, nice Labyrinth interpretation. :D Also, that brooch that Wiglaf is wearing on his jabot definitely resembles Camlann.


Ugh, Jareth x Sarah? You’ve GOT to be kidding! The girl was SUCH a moron! …Her brother on the other hand no doubtly turns into a really handsome young man for Jareth to uhm…do a magic dance with XD;;

But I do love this pin-up, oh so very much <3 Labyrinth is my all time favourite movie, not in the least because of Jareth’s wardrobe XD Too bad Wiglaf’s hair is short now, otherwise he could have done that oh-so-very-wrong-yet-hot 80′s hairdo David Bowie has in the movie…


…in my defense, I never said I liked Sarah; I just thought they were adorable together. XD


You have a very interesting idea of ‘adorable’ XD

…then again, it IS Jareth… He’s so cool, he can make anyone look adorable <3

Too bad you didn’t put Mordred in Sarah’s dress; imagine him saying ‘it’s a piece of cake!’ every time right before it goes all wrong for him =P


…I did get very close to making Mordred Sarah.

But that’s a little too suggestive. XD Even for me.


Oh come on, not like they’re not the best couple ever! …So, actually, it’s a good thing you didn’t, because Jareth x Sarah make a horrid couple, and Wiglaf and Mordred need to adopt puppies together <3


YES!!! I LOVED that movie! I watched it as a little kid first, and the beginning where she was talking about the goblins taking her baby brother away, and they kept showing the goblins used to scare me. 0_0 They kept getting closer to the screen and more creepy looking; they were to real looking. But I got over that and now I love every bit of that movie! :D

Wiglaf looks great as Jareth. And I love how you worked in Driver, Morder and Camlann. :love: Great Pin-Up!


YAY! This is fantastic! Thankyou so much for including Mordred and Driver in the picture as well. It’s marvelous how all the characters are paradoxes! Mordred looks *SOOO* cute as Toby and I love all the sparklies on Wiglaf’s jacket. *Much love*



I love evil!Wiggie. And OH GOD THE SPARKLES.
Also, Driver actually looks like a girl for once. XD (Who wouldn’t with Sarah’s super-poofy dress sleeves?)


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