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That’s right! It’s that time of year again! When I celebrate the first comic strip of WaM! It has been eleven years since it’s creation (which means 9 years of regular updates!) and boy has it been a trip. Sometimes I can’t wrap my head around the fact it’s been that long.

So thank you to all you readers who have made it possible! Whether you’ve been here from the start, just became a new reader, visit once a month or visit every update — All of you are amazing and I’m so happy that you’ve been reading. Here’s to another year of comics, and I hope that you’ll stick around with me for it!

And yes, our lady of the cake is Maria! Normally I don’t like using ladies that are in the current arcs for this (to shake things up), but I’ve been waiting to introduce her since strip 700 when we caught a glance of her, so I’m going to draw her all I want! :D Ha ha.

Thanks again!


Well….you have to admit, Maria does max out in the sex appeal category. Her design is so…I don’t know, it feels very classic, yet kind of modern at the same time? It feels like a perfume commercial.


Reminds me of perfume, too. She looks like one of those heavy, cloying floral scents, the really dense ones that fill an elevator and make it difficult to breathe. That seem like they must mask the stench of decay, for why else would you need something that aggressive to be reaching its tendrils down your nose and throat. She feels like a ripe fruit about to rot.
Well done!


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