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Mordred is doing what I should be doing.

A pin-up today because I feel like I’m getting sick again and because I didn’t want to skip two updates in a row.

But hey, I got to draw Grendel again so that was worth it. XD

Edit: I still feel like Mordred in this pin-up.¬†Ugh. It’s been a long week and I’m going to crash. Pray I feel better this upcoming week. This next month is going to be so busy. o_o;; So no WaM today & I’ll see you guys on Wednesday.


It’s that weird transition into spring where it’s not quite warm yet, but it’s not cold either. It’s perfect sleepy weather, and I totally feel Mordred and Grendel. Also, even if he IS evil, Grendel…is pretty dang cute here.


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