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OKAY. So I missed WaM’s birthday by like three minutes (not that you’d know by my backdated post stamp lol), but you know what? I got it doen.

I almost didn’t remember at all. I had a dress rehearsal tonight for an orchestra concert I’m in and I totally forgot about the date because I was thinking about the concert. XD

But I remembered at the last minute and got a pin-up done! :D

I know she’s not jumping out of a cake, but Janus has already done that and I felt like drawing her. It’s WaM’s birthday. I can do what I want. XD

Thank you for sticking with 14 Years of WaM (and 12 years of regular updates). :D

You guys are awesome. :D

Edit: Enjoy the birthday pin-up one more day. I’m taking a night off because of lack of sleep and I was running around all day (performed in a concert and then had D&D right afterwards). See you Wednesday!

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