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So, funny story. With all the stress and grief and insanity going on the past couple of weeks, I totally forgot that Sunday was WaM’s birthday (October 4th!). I don’t know if it’s poetic or not that the day I decided to take off and have me time (which was great btw – I actually rested!) was the strip’s birthday or not. XD

But I remembered yesterday and went “Oh, yeah. Need to draw a birthday strip” so I did.

And I’m very proud of it.

For WaM’s big 15th Birthday (13 Years of regular updating!), I decided to shake things up and start adding guys to the mix. I think I ran out of Women to have pop out of the cake, so now it’s the boy’s turn. If I did this before, do not tell me because I don’t remember. XD Wigaf’ll be up next year and he WILL be happy to jump out of a cake, despite his comment today.

So from me to you: THANK YOU FOR READING WaM!┬áLet’s go.

Edit: You guys are going to be blessed with the Mordred Pin-Up until Sunday. Friday was bad and I have Pikmin 3 to finish before the Deluxe version comes out on the 30th. (Seriously though, Friday sucked and I’m taking Me time. Your comments on this strip really made my day though, so I want to leave them up all day. Thank you!! XD)


I’ve been following WaM for at least 10 years, and it has been a wonderful companion. Happy birthday to the comic, and thank you SO much for sharing with us!


Congrats on the Anniversary!

Of course Wiglaf won’t mind next year – he’s going to bake 5 cakes: one for the picture, one to eat, and three…just in case.

When it comes to back-ups, there is no such thing as too many…


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