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Okay, so I’m laughing. Not only did I forget WaM’s birthday again this year (on Oct 4), but I also forgot to upload the filler strip I made of security for my “I’ll see you in a week” post. If you follow me on Patreon, you got to see it because I uploaded it there. But on the actual WaM Website? Nope. LOL. It’s up now if you want to click that “Previous” button and see Security in a bath robe.

In my defense, I was away on vacation in another state with limited internet access. Lol. I didn’t exactly check WaM while I was gone. XD;

But. I’m back now and I’ve drawn my belated birthday pin-up because last year I promised Wiglaf popping out of a cake. So here he is! WaM is celebrating 16 Years!¬†With 14 Years of regular updating. :3

Thank you SO MUCH FOR READING! I know there aren’t many of you left, but this is for you. THANK YOU!

Edit: Enjoy the Birthday comic for a bit longer. I forgot how busy my Friday was going to be. XD Work & Then dress rehearsal for a performance on Sunday. Ahhhhhh. Tiring. Lol. See you on Sunday!

Edit (10/17/21):¬†I had an outdoor concert today & a very active D&D session. I’m tired. My brain can’t think of what to draw. I’ll see you guys on Wednesday. For real. Because I can’t get used to so long of a break. XD *waves*

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