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Pin-Up VII

“Madame Hera”

I figured it was about time I did a pin-up for the male readers. And Madame Garrott just seemed like the obvious choice. This is her pre-Arthur Garrott look.  Ha ha. I love her.

I forgot how hard it was to draw women. XD

Edit: Oops; forgot some info – this is Madame Garrott when she’s around 17-19 before she met her husband.  The guy on the ground is some random dude. :D

Song Listening Recommendation:

“Country Roads” by John Denver


She’s amazing :love: I really love the type too; this would make a spectacular cover for a WAM spinoff… XD

And is it sad that I don’t think she’d even bother having me as her foot stool? *sigh* I’d love to be victimized by her… if only…


Oh my! It took me a minute to realize that was Geoffry down there, and not just some handy rock. That poor/lucky guy. (It can be hard to tell sometimes.) :D


Well…probably not Geoffry. *ponders* Was he even alive when she was in her teens…nope. He wasn’t even born yet. Hah; should have clarified that. Oh well.

Nah, just some random schmuck.


*foreheadsmack* Of course. Heh, I saw the guy’s hair color and mixed up Madame Garrott with Janus for a minute. :B (Yes, I need more sleep.)

Still, even if it’s a random NPC, human footstool = win. :D


Ha ha, well Janus gets it from her mama’ that’s for sure, and all of my characters look the same so easy mistake to make. *nod*

…the Geoffry colored hair was subconscious I’m sure. XD


Wow, I like the way you drew the gleam in her eyes. Her eyes look very sharp and piercing. Hooray for world-domination sexiness! :D


I love this pose and the windblown hair. Very effective. She really commands and dominates, even without propping her foot on that poor slob. The text is just hands-down awesome. Not just because it sums everything up in a nut shell, but because it’s a contradicting juxtaposition. She’s hardly a little girl. XD

Anyway, I take issue with only two aspects of this picture. One: her breasts look flat on top. The shading and lines of the bodice look fine, but the skin exposed on top could benefit from just a hint of roundness. Two: her shins are too skinny, most notably on that propped up left leg.

Now to complete my compliment sandwich: rock on!


Yeah, the breasts are a little low/flat/awful. Though it’s funny you mention the shins; out of all her anatomy issues those aren’t one I picked out. XD ’cause I like the long, thin-stick legged look. *is totally not on a scarecrow from batman high*

But she was a little girl then. 61 year old Madame Garrott is reminiscing about when she was teenager. :D


Let me see if I can figure out the list:
Right arm above elbow is concave, right shoulder is too pointy and right arm towards the wrist curves wrong too, the right side of her head there should be an ear or something instead of a weird blob, too-pointy chin, the collarbone divot being too deep and large, right foot pointing at left foot on the human footstool which would probably make her wobble and fall over, the aforementioned boob-top sag–her right boob being much saggier than left one, torso curve anomaly with breasts pointed at a different angle from shoulders and abdomen, belly button that’s too low, pelvic angle should face the viewer closer to square due to extended left leg, her right thigh seems to have been partially eaten or something, and I can’t really tell for sure because of the weird open-front skirt but she may be missing a buttcheek. The hair is probably covering other faults I’m not seeing.
….All that said, it’s still an effective pose an creation and I sure as heck can’t do better.


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