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Today’s WAM is part of Aja’s prize for this year’s Pair-a-thon! She wanted Wiglaf dressed up as Link from Zelda with possibly another member of the cast in something Zelda-ish. So I figured, why not add Mordred as Skull Kid? :D

Hope you like it Aja! <3

I certainly had fun drawing it. :)

Song Listening Recommendation:

“Please” by Ludo


Ah, Zelda. That’s really awesome; Wiglaf would make a great Link. XD He’d even look a lot like Link normally if he wore that hat. Mordred as the Skull Kid is nice too; I love their poses. XD


Am I the only one that noticed the little triforce taped to Camlan? ‘Tis a nice addition, though I wonder how the sword feels about it…! xD

By the way: Mordred makes an awesome Skull Kid. o3o


I noticed. XD I doubt Camlann appreciates it though. We all know how vain that sword is. ^_^

I missed so many updates because my computer died! *cry* I hates slow internets; makes it very hard to read webcomics. Awesome work on all those previous pages! And this one! I love Mordred especially. XD


Hooray, thanks! I love it. They’re both so cute. :lol: And that does look like it was fun to draw. The poses and composition are super snazzy, and Mordred as Skull Kid seems surprisingly appropriate. XD

*hugs them*

Hee, that’s great how the Triforce symbol is just a triangle with a 3 drawn in. :happy: Poor Camlann. At least he’s out of his sheath for now.


Glad you like it. While I was drawing Mordred sort of took over the picture…and the request was for Wiglaf.

Yay! You noticed it was just a triangle with a ’3′ in it. XD Camlann doesn’t behave enough to justify a real triforce.



Man I love that image to and coincidentally I just restarted playing twilight princess a few days ago after a good long while away from it so it fits. :lol:


Okay, I get that Wiglaf’s Link, but who or what is Mordred supposed to be? A Skull Kid?

Because in all honesty, he looks like an acrobatic scarecrow. ._.


Omigodomigodomigodomigodomigodomigodomigod. I have to say, I love you. Forever. MM is my favorite game ever. :love:


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